What’s the use of satisfaction?

Following on from the earlier post about the Pew Internet survey, there is also the latest American Customer Satisfaction Index- E-Government Satisfaction Index from Foresee, dated 27 April 2010, to compare it with.

The need to compare is because I believe that the two values on their own don’t tell us as much as the two can do when employed together.

Whilst Foresee identify increased satisfaction with individual US web sites, there appears to be a drift away from the Internet shown in the Pew survey. This could be down to the types of government web sites most Americans use – are they local or federal, state or other jurisdiction? The sites Foresee examine may only be used on an annual basis, so whilst these national sites may be getting their act together, are the others remaining or becoming too complex and requiring a personal visit or ‘phone call to sort out the issue?

It’s good to know that satisfaction with key sites, and we’re not talking portals here, is improving, but being personally unaware of the transaction volume split in the US between local, state and federal business, I’d still like to bet that the most regularly used, as in the UK, is the local government site delivering local information and services.

Again, useful data but more so when able  to triangulate with the other sources and information.


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