Don’t get carried away

The good news that the government has instructed the publication of the Ordnance Survey’s mapping information seems to have been greeted with rather uncontrolled celebration, for example in Computing 26 November 2009.

I suggest people actually read the greater detail on the Advisory Panel on Public Sector Information‘s website, such as the fact that the consultation period on the exercise starts in December with issues around the governance, licensing and funding of the OS that need to be sorted out first being considered. As anyone who has spent a few years dealing with the OS will tell you, they are very hot on their “legals”.

So don’t count on your data before it’s released.


One Response to Don’t get carried away

  1. Dan says:

    Won’t happen. OS will stall until new government comes in with plans to privatise OS. Even existing gov announced plans couple of days ago to privatise OS.
    OS makes entire £100m revenue selling maps and map licenses- can’t see them giving any of that away without a fight.
    Pure posturing from Gordon Brown with TBL – not enough time for him to make this happen.

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