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Hot off the press (10 November 2009) from the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) comes “A qualitative study of satisfaction and dissatisfaction with Jobcentre Plus” by Dr Alex Nunn, Fiona Walton and Sukvinder Jassi from the Policy Research Institute at Leeds Metropolitan University.

At 152 pages its a lengthy read but a very comprehensive and worthwhile study. Some of the conclusions could be considered to be common sense but its nice to see well evidenced qualitative research supporting them, such as on page 74 – “The website was not used by many respondents because they did not have internet access or computer literacy. The dissatisfaction experienced with this channel was contributed to by the lack of online experience and computer skills.”

Similarly, on page 84, it presented a  conclusion that “customers feeling that they cannot access the information that they need through the website, resulting in them using another channel.”

From a researcher’s view, two of the “considerations for future research”  jump out. These are (from p.103):

  • “the importance of disagregating satisfaction with intended and unintended consequences of service provision, to isolate what elements of satisfaction are related to the means of service delivery rather than contextual or policy/legislative dynamics;”
  • “the importance of assessing customer satisfaction with provider services on longitudinal and comparitive basis.”

Interesting stuff!


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