Minister for e-government?

At last we have an e-government Minister in the UK! It’s Angela Smith, not that one , who is for ID cards and against transparency, but this one –  who’s not sold on ID cards and is sitting on the transparency fence.

Interestingly, Angela has been nearly there before. She was under under-Minister for local e-Government at the DCLG with responsibilities for the expensive and much slated Directgov publicity campaign of which she said “The whole aim of the campaign was to encourage public awareness. It appears to have been successful.” It certainly did appear to be, with local government screaming how much better use they could have made of the money! She also obviously slept through the early years of e-government stating in 2006, according to the Guardian’s Michael Cross  , that a big barrier to e-government is people simply not knowing that the option is available – “Until three weeks ago, I hadn’t realised the possibilities.”

Anyway as e-government Minister, along with other responsibilites, she’s now back in charge of Directgov.

She does appear to have been good over her expenses, so it can’t be a punishment!

She also has a tangential link with the Great E-mancipator being a graduate of Leicester Polytechnic, which under the title of De Montfort University is the academic home of the researcher.

Let’s see how long this one lasts?


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