The latest report from Accenture is entitled “From e-Government to e-Governance: Using new technologies to strengthen relationships with citizens”, 99 pages in total with 28 pages of so of pictures and text, the rest being case studies from across the world under headings of outcomes, balance, engagement and accountability.

Interestingly there is only one from the UK under the heading of outcomes and that is one about Public Service Agreements, which makes me think  that finding something was a struggle.

The three strategies related to outcomes outcomes are listed as:

  • Focusing performance management on actual improvements in people’s social and economic conditions, using outcome-focused performance management to drive enterprise-wide cultural change and break down service silos.
  • Continually improving the customer experience by soliciting service user and customer feedback, and interpreting and evaluating that feedback to drive high performance.
  • Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of public service provision, using new technologies to reduce the cost of back-office functions and improve service quality and enable cross-government collaboration.

In fact, none-too-different from the proposals from the other bloggers collected in Blogging about other bloggers’ blogs! Perhaps the message is getting through?


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