Communications overload

If anyone out there dares moan to me about too many emails let them pity President Obama! According to the blog of Ines Mergel, Assistant Professor of Public Administration at the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, Syracuse University, NY. , he receives 100,000 emails a week, 6,500 paper letters/week, ~1,000 faxes per day, ~2,500-3,500 calls/day.

She argues for the need to develop tools to digest and extract from this mountain along with all the social networking communications he may be on the end of, or named in. Similar amounts of data will be received by governments and their leaders around the world, and could probably do with a tool, as well.

At least they count it, now for the analysis…


If you are interested and, preferably, in UK local government please complete the survey, it doesn’t take long at all. I’ll keep feeding back through these pages, which are also covered by and PSF.



One Response to Communications overload

  1. Grant says:

    1000 faxes per day? Unbelievable. And who are these 1000’s of people that phone the president?

    e-mail I could understand, though I could just image that textual analysers might find that Viagra would be a topic of concern to people emailing Obama. 😉

    Maybe some barriers to entry are a good thing. People who feel the need to contact the president should be inspired enough to have to print and pay to send snail mail.

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