Those of you who aren’t subscribers, for want of any other description, to GovMetric might like to take advantage of a free peek at some consolidated data from it being made available through You’ll have to register upon their site, which results in a weekly email newsletter, but the data from GovMetric can be useful in supporting channel delivery arguments.

Lots of conclusions can be generalised from the data, such as the fact that while the web may be quicker, it doesn’t always have what the citizen wanted, so they may then be back to you by ‘phone or face-to-face. There are also some differences between particular services.

I think its splendid that GovMetric have made public the outputs of a tool to help us mend our ways! If you read the introduction to the section, you’ll find my comments upon the benefits of citizen engagement.


If you are interested and, preferably, in UK local government please complete the survey, it doesn’t take long at all. I’ll keep feeding back through these pages, which are also covered by and PSF.



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