Getting overfocused on the tools

Two recent announcements indicate, in my view, a focus on the tools rather than the delivery of services itself!  In the EU a company seems to think that using the social web will transform services and in the UK central government is using ABC to audit its visitor figures as part of the plan to cost benefit analyze its web usage.

First our so-called system of representative government is not going to make any real use of a tool that undermines its own powers. We can attempt to employ service user feedback to improve services (across all channels) but even that’s not happening to any volume. We can email blog, email and Twitter all we like but its not delivering deliberative democracy, its a one-way street. Its the same one-way street that has governments wasting money having numbers counted that are meaningless. The only use for vistor numbers is to compare across channels and watch the change.  We really need to employ the multi-channel feedback to tune the services, not bean-count for the sake of it.

The web can be a tool of service delivery, when we learn how to use it properly…


One Response to Getting overfocused on the tools

  1. Jill Sanders says:

    I find this business of giving people “tools” so patronising. As you say, tools granted by gov aren’t going to be effective and anyway, people prefer to create their own. It is just another ruse to disempower communities, who I hope will continue to forge tools for themselves. They could teach gov a thing – luckily! CONsultation, as it is fondly called in our borough in Richmond upon Thames, is thoroughly discredited. People use it only to ensure they can at least state in the comments box what they really want to say, but aren’t given the option to do so!

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