Digital self-exclusion

A new (10 June 2009) report is hot off the Ofcom press. Research by Ipsos Mori on behalf of Ofcom has looked at: Accessing the internet at home A quantitative and qualitative study among people without the internet at home

The 184 page document examines in great detail a statistically significant population, whilst proposing different options  that might encourage people to take up computer usage and broadband. Of the estimated 30% without access it appears that in 42% of cases there is no interest and of the adults who do not have access to the Internet, 43% would remain unconnected even if they were given PC and connection for free.

Whilst nothing to celebrate, these figures do confirm the need to maintain other channels or mediated services through e-channels for the foreseeable future.


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  1. […] mit einer umfassenden Studie zum Thema Offliner und ihre Motivation (PDF), mit dem Thema Digital self-exclusion. Die Studie belegt seiner Meinung nach die Notwendigkeit non-digitale Kanäle zu Beteiligung […]

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