Need and satisfaction

My thanks go to Ian (Cuddles) Cuddy at Public Sector Forums, who on the same day he’d discovered the news, informed me about the publication on Chorley Council’s web site of the final documents to come out of all their work on ‘circles of need’.

It must be a year since I mentioned the original introductory report that had been done. The latest documents fill out a lot of the detail and learning since the original proposal. Bravely, on page 34 there is an admission that: “If published, such a model would be too complex to be useful and by saying everything says nothing. ” So they decided to focus on the strongest links. Well done!

Importantly from this person’s view there is an even braver admission: “There is plenty of evidence from Local Authorities that customers are cheaper to server if they are migrated to cheaper channels such as the telephone or the Internet, but there is no way of knowing if these customers in the longer term  are ‘cheaper to serve’.” On this basis, the project has developed a ‘cost to access’ formula, and a ‘customer satisfaction tool’ (an eleven question survey).

Incidentally, there is also the output from Chorley et al’s work on a Business Process Architecture , which is mentioned in the report.


2 Responses to Need and satisfaction

  1. lenand says:

    All the links failed for me, apart from PSFBuzz.

    • Strange that, I was on there updating PSFBuzz’s link last night!

      Sorry Leonard but Chorley must have purged their site since May 2009 when the post was written! Aperia may have copies, if not, I may have them lodged somewhere, but whilst they’ll be their IP I can’t really go uploading them. It was one thing when they were in the public domain…

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