What I’d expected?

Its two weeks since the launch of the annual survey (well, this is the second one), and having harrassed a large number of colleagues to complete it, despite it being far from statistically significant, I thought I’d give some brief impression of what it might indicate.

In general, channel usage and recording is very similar to the 2008 study, with Digital TV still being much ignored. Recording of channel usage is also still thin on the ground, although between a half and two thirds do record most channels.

The surprise for me was the little attention being paid to the intent behind National Indicator 14, which I thought would get all channels measured but those doing it have focused on the face-to-face and telephone with the email, Internet and e-forms lagging quite a lot!  Similarly the list of services is mixed between all of them, the CLG list and a locally agreed list, but, most surprisingly to me, only two thirds are doing anything with the data, and even then what happens is pretty sporadic!

Satisfaction remains as popular a measure as 2008 with people meauring it through a variety of means.

If you are interested and, preferably, in UK local government please complete the survey, it doesn’t take long at all. I’ll keep feeding back through these pages, which are also covered by localgov.co.uk and PSF.


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