An experience from the private sector

Visiting the United States at Spring Break one would have thought this blogger might have detected the essence of customer engagement but apart from the obligatory good manners something was missing from the US Airways service.

Our boarding passes and the staff at Philadelphia directed us to Terminal A at the airport for our internal flight. Seeing little activity at the desk on the gate recorded we made inquiries on another passenger and were told that there had been an announcement redirecting passengers to Terminal B, quite a long distance away.  Walking the lengthy journey to Terminal B resulted in additional confusion then, since the main board stated one gate and the displays at two gates showed differing information! I thought I’d better inquire at the Customer Service desk who to my surprise showed little interest that we had three differing sources of information at our disposal.

In all, we spent 90 minutes watching chaotic behaviour at  US Airways and sad to say the return journey was just as bad, if not worse.


Whilst the public sector may have lessons to learn, the private sector may not always be the perfect teacher. There will be a complaint going in!


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