You can’t win!

As someone who witnessed an excellent and believable presentation on service improvment at the DVLA in November 2008 by Tom Benford and has recently had an easy experience of renewing the Road Fund Licence on their car, I was surprised to read in the Manchester Evening News (MEN), 9th April 2009, that John Leech MP, the Lib Dem spokesperson on transport, who was caught with an out-of-date tax disc says that “the systems in place are unhelpful” and also that that the renewal system was a “nightmare”.

The report in the MEN contained the confusing quote from the MP that: “I’d like to think people recognise I’m not just stupid enough not to renew not to renew my car tax.” I’d like to think that those elected to represent us in Parliament are not stupid but like the rest of us have to rely upon postal and other human systems, and when they fail don’t try and blame someone else. 

What this does demonstrate is that we have a leading (?) political representative dismissing a central government administrative system that has seen vast improvements in recent months without investigating it properly. The guy has cocked up, why doesn’t he admit it and give some praise where its due? I think it works well and is responding to public pressures to improve…


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One Response to You can’t win!

  1. Rich says:

    I often use the improvements at DVLA with the Tax Disc process as an example of service redesign where (I assume) costs have been dramatically improved and the service has been improved. It’s a nice counter to the argument that you can’t have better service and lower costs.

    Anyone that still can’t manage to display a valid tax disk probably shouldn’t be driving or be an MP.

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