Andrea strikes again

In his brief review of the new EU report, Value for Citizens, Gartner’s Andrea DiMaio, tempts the taste buds. He’s right in his criticisms but in a glossy twenty pages the authors can only be all things to all men and women.

For example, one of the classic recent arguments is how we manage e-governance in the traditional representative democracy, but the report suggests:

“Governments will empower local communities and localities, beyond formal politics and the ballot box, by promoting subsidiarity at local and neighbourhood level and interaction between policy makers and citizens. This leverages local resources, know-how and skills to develop new forms of political advocacy, social support and social capital and can serve to strengthen diverse cultures and interests as well as act as a bridge between them. ” (Page 13)

Great idea, but how? However, I can’t fail to agree with their take upon metrics:

“Performance monitoring of government services will move from the present top down, processdriven approach of setting targets and defi ning measurements towards a more user-centric and output-driven approach. Th is will incorporate more accountability of local needs and organise feedback loops involving front line staff and users of government services themselves. ” (Page 14)

Which is exactly my proposal!


One Response to Andrea strikes again

  1. I agree with your points, but the glossy pages often set the scene for what’s to come. In a more detailed analysis I am writing for Gartner clients I am looking at some of teh sparkles of light energing in the report. However I was not impressed with how it missed the big picture (which is what glossy reports should be about).

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