Paper in the pipeline

The researcher behind the Great E-mancipator has had another conference paper accepted, this time for the European Conference on e-Government in faraway Westminster on 29th and 30th June 2009. Last year it was a paper at the University of Mantua in Italy and I didn’t raise the readies to go, this time its but a couple of hours away, assuming the trains are running! Perhaps I should have cast my net wider to such as the International Conference on e-Government in Boston, USA, this year, but with the state of the pound, everybody is probably rushing to the UK.

The latest paper bears the snappy title: “Developing Measures of E-government Progress Using Action Research”, which describes the iterative process I’m using to survey, blog, survey, blog, interview, ad nauseam, and present my findings as I go along, allowing practitioners to think about them and hopefully employ something of them. I do share the outcomes via this blog, it just means reading it all rather than a snappy twenty minute presentation in a room full of academics with questions at the end. You could, of course, use the comment box below to ask anything related to the hundred-and-something blogs I’ve done now?


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