Digital Britain

Yet again central government demonstrates the lack of “joined-upness” within or across its departments.

The latest tome to hit the shelves is from the Department for Culture Media and Sport entitled “digital britain – interim report“. One of the 20 recommendations is “enhancing the digital delivery of public services”, should somebody tell the Cabinet Office, the Communities & Local Government departments and possibily the Delivery and CIO Councils? I thought the bodies named were the ones involved in coordinating the delivery of public services and there’s no mention of them?

With my home broadband currently running just over dail-up speed I await the universal access, along with the 2Mb to every home, claimed…and at 1.5Mb and 86 pages you need broadband to download it.


One Response to Digital Britain

  1. Fair point and I’d add that progress shown elsewhere in Whitehall, for example the POI review that you mention in another post, also shows a lack of joined up thinking within Whitehall.

    This link explains some of the concerns that Open Rights Group has with the interim Digital Britain report.

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