Being insightful

I’ve read the new ‘guide’ on insight and its not a hard read…

My ususal grief is with the quote, that’s reproduced in it:

“A deep ‘truth’ about the customer based on their behaviour, experiences, beliefs, needs or desires, that is relevant to the task or
issue and ‘rings bells’ with target people.”

Government Communication Network’s Engage Programme

I, of course prefer my own version that I’ve produced at ESD-Toolkit and EiP conference:

“Citizen engagement will only occur successfully (providing satisfaction) when insight around the citizen and their community is available, and as a result the resulting service to the citizen is focused upon dealing with the citizen’s needs.”

The partial apology for this appears on page 9:

“While the exact term used in practice may vary, the tools and the principles used for both customer and citizen insight are broadly the same.”

So, why don’t we stick to calling them citizens?

On page 10 of the guide is a use of customer insight from Westminster City Council where they have conducted targeted surveys of customers shortly after they have accessed council services to identify tangible ways in which each service could be improved and gauge customer satisfaction. Since starting in 2006, 130 improvements have been implemented, which is an excellent example of what I’m trying to capture in my research.

In the last couple of days I’ve added still more products to my list of NI14/satisfaction systems and company-table-v2 is now available. One of them CRT Ltd have an interesting report of research on their site – it doesn’t appear to have been published yet, so I can’t point you to it in a journal – but it states that:

“The vast majority of shoppers were happy to give customer feedback, but didn’t know where they could on the proviso that it met the 5 minute limit rule. 80% of those surveyed wished to give feedback on exit or by the counter. This represents a great opportunity for retailers and service providers to hear fresh customer satisfaction views. Within the customer rules – it must be: Onsite
At the end of the transaction ”


Thompson & Sheth, Coventry University, 2008″



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