California dreaming

Considering further Wendy’s presentation at the EiP conference about Egg and my own dilemna in attempting to develop a parimonius model, I came across a relatively recent piece from the University of California campus at Berkeley: “Bridging the ‘Front Stage’ and ‘Back Stage’ in Service System Design” by Glushko and Tabas.

In my own presentation at the EiP conference I bemoaned the use of sophistry or semantics in achieving practical service models but I find the paper mentioned introducing some more, having highlighted the problem, but in this case I can forgive it because they explain their usage.

In fact one might compare the “moments of truth” they describe with the statement:

   “A deep ‘truth’ about the customer based on their behaviour, experiences, beliefs, needs or desires, that is relevant to the task or issue and ‘rings bells’ with target people.”

  Government Communication Network’s Engage Programme

Ah, the wonders of marketing speak! Give me IT gobbledegook anytime…

However, I consider this a useful thought model that sees e-government from a “systems thinking” perspective.


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