The Public Office

Styled rather like the Guardian and with more pictures than content (probably what the Guardian is heading for), this new resource, the Public Office was dreamed up in Whitehall and is to ” improve the design and delivery of citizen-centric public services.”

“ThePublicOffice enables participants to view public services through the eyes of service users. From this starting point of empathy, ThePublicOffice showcases case studies of exemplary and innovative services, and through facilitated close-encounter workshops gets participants to work together to create new public service design principles. These memorable experiences are designed to build collective commitment to doing things differently and to stimulate action.”

“The price per head is less than you would pay for a conventional leadership intervention or top-level course, and we offer something much more memorable and engaging.”

Using video ethnography (sic) the system of ‘training’ appears to assist managers to gain an understanding of their customers real-life situations. If I’m not being too simplistic, wouldn’t it be easier and cheaper to talk to them?


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