Citizen oriented architecture

Having proposed a ‘citizen oriented architecture’ there is a need to decide who develops and manages what it is essentially described in my model. With its combinations of citizen service, web content management, voice and data communications all supported by by ICT, all have a claim upon it and all argue for their own professions currently.

With the fad for Web 2.0 there is a tendency to get absorbed in the technology but it is only the tool, use it with care and don’t exclude the many citizens who are unable to fully utilise it! The latest Socitm publication ‘Planning for ICT (version 2)‘ is another failure to appreciate this, being essentially an information and technology architecture looking out towards the citizen rather than the other way! The citizen sees channels but will see them converging upon whichever particular service or services they need at the time!

Thinking in terms of accessibility and digital inclusion, which service providers need to when dealing with citizens unlike customers, the process needs to be technology neutral and independent.

Whilst ICT supports the ‘citizen oriented architecture’, there is a need need for a new management model that is citizen focused and again technology neutral and independent!


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