Feedback from Brendan

I let Brendan McCarron at the IPF know what I’d said and here’s the response –

“I wonder if Brendan was trying to catch out plagiarists? – you bet. But, 7/10 for using the sixsigma forum as a reference, anyone, even me, could contribute to that. Follow up the gaps model of PZB and its application in Local government at the Scottish Accounts Commission here( from 1999, I also have some references where it is used in rural Turkish local government where assurance in the sense of “I want to deal with the head man” outweighs everything.”

Which was great! Audit Scotland have produced some excellent and forward thinking papers over the years so I look forward to digesting that. As to rural Turkey, it sounds no different from here in rural Yorkshire!

From the debate on about Customer Insight, Mary Telow fed back that:

“I am not convinced that the ‘Engage’ notion of ‘deep truth’ translates all that well into managing services for customer insight and I think a bit more clear thinking is required to unpick the difference between what we need in order to run a good comms campaign and what we really need to know about customers to manage services effectively in the light of what we know. For the latter we need to work on organisational cultures and get customer understanding embedded in performance management systems and leadership development programmes – and we can’t do this if we don’t have lots of information about the customer experience. I’d like us to focus on (a) understanding the specifics of experience and (b) working on how the data flows around organisations and affects decisions and (c) encouraging everyone in the organisation to understand how their efforts contribute to this fundamental purpose (and incidentally this needs to inform internal customer relationships too, as has already been pointed out. “

Which made sense to me – I think the deep truth comes from listening to the variety of customers and acting upon it where rational and possible.


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