Systems thinking, balanced scorecards and satisfaction

I have heard it stated that ‘Systems Thinking’ and ‘Balanced Scorecard’ are different paradigms and cannot co-exist. I think that in the sense that Kuhn originated the concept this is incorrect, one is not a massive conceptual leap from the other improving understanding for mankind – they are just different tools.

On that basis I wonder whether it is possible to be flexible with these tools, and others in order to bring a workable rationale for transformation? It is quite possible that I am misunderstanding the principles of either or both and so am happy to be constructtively criticised.

Is it possible to use systems thinking on the processes under investigation, rationalise them whilst continuing to record dissatisfaction against the channels that the processes operate over and finally report the measures of usage in a scorecard? If that is viable, we have mechanism through which we are able to consider both the customer and provider, whilst using some statistical method to observe channels and encourage change?

This isn’t a solution to NI14, just a different and newer paradigm!


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