NI14 version 3 and a homage to Catalonia

The latest and apparently final version of NI14 appeared at the very end of February, it is now described as ‘the proportion of customer contact that is of low or no value to the customer’. Guidance will be issued by the end of June 2008!

The document can be found hereabouts:

Today, 5 March 2008, I attended a conference at Hull University Business School at the invitation of Dr Jose-Rodrigo Cordoba-Pachon,a lecturer there. I could only stop until lunch but the presentations to that point covered Barcelona, Brittany and Hull. The clear message from Barcelona and Hull was that political drive is key! Interestingly, Barcelona has made council officers legally accountable to deliver e-government and if they don’t they can be sanctioned, or thats my interpretation of ‘Regulatory Ordinance on Electronic Government, March 2006’.

Perhaps that might have been better than those six and a half Implementing Electronic Government Statements and the Priority Service Outcomes?

Another Catalan conclusion was that organizational factors affect implementation and in the world of vicious and viruous circles, implementation changes organizations. Barcelona had seen changes to the administrative services in the process of delivering complex transactions across multiple providers, both private and public!

Many thanks to Dr Mila Gasco Hernandez and the other presenters and visitors, it was a very useful four hours!

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