A month by month guide to what’s been blogged!

December 2007

National Indicator 14 – avoidable contact - this was the first draft!

Measure for measure - a look at metrics internationally

World Wide Web Consortium - some new reports

January 2008

Satisfaction Canadian Style - a look at some of the excellent Canadian work

Satisfaction is high on the agenda - publications from the LGA, NCC and New Statesman

Irish Lessons - a report from Ireland

February 2008

NI14 – the drama continues - version 2 of the draft national standard!

March 2008

NI14 version 3 and a homage to Catalonia - NI14 version 3 and a report back from a Spanish-flavoured conference

Wanting what the customer wants - NWEGG report on citizen need

Public Value, Social Capital & other fun metrics - a trawl through the terminology!

Customer Unfocused - excellent Richter & Cornford paper

Delivering Efficiency - a new DCLG report

April 2008

Is there a public service ethic? Some academic views

Great E-mancipator survey as PDF - for those who can’t Google!

Customer Need and Public Service - philosophy gets dragged in!

A Theory of Parsimonious E-government Management - the theory!

14th April 1865 - why and what the Great Emancipator

Annual Research Report - what it says on the label!

Feeding back - from the launch of the SURVEY

History repeating itself - my abstract for Ethicomp 2008 at Mantua, Italy

Satisfaction? responding to Pete - a dialogue develops

Re: Pete but not a repeat - a response to a comment

E-government bulletin - a piece published in the same communication

May 2008

Public value and satisfaction - Mark H Moore

Channel migration – response to another comment

Targets, metrics and dissatisfaction – what happens when citizens aren’t happy?

Initial feedback to Great E-mancipator survey - a summary!

Systems thinking, control charts and philosophy - more philosophy and history

A summary of some recent posts on the UK e-democracy network - what it says

June 2008

Why government IT fails - a link to an article

Change and channels - a comment from Glyn Evans

Satisfaction - another meeting

Customer insight – an online conference - with the Cabinet Office

Systems thinking, balanced scorecards and satisfaction - they can work together

Scorecards, systems, Canada and Australia - examining thinking

Customer What? – a debate with cabinet Office

Old Whine in New Bottles - picking up on PINpoint from the IPF

Feedback from Brendan - a blogger at the IPF

Yardsticking! – better than benchmarks

July 2008

Computer Weekly blog awards - I’m shortlisted!

NI14 Guidance released - from the IDeA

NI14 – the new moneypit for suppliers

Tail wagging dog - another go at NI14

Bread and circuses - customers versus citizens

Some of July’s literature findings

Customer first! – findings on NI14 from the north east

A month by month guide to what’s been blogged – THIS!

August 2008

IDeA NI14 Guidance and GovMetric

Channel usage and strategy - updating my thoughts!

Customer insight guidance - whats happening at the IDeA

Semantics, semiotics and sophistry - having been told once too many times ‘its all semantics.’

Citizen oriented architecture - A new name for the model!

Which community - which communities are you a member of in your neighbourhood?

Computer Weekly blog awards - the sad news…

Inclusive transformation - a report from EURIM sounds positive!

September 2008

Researching Local Government, Web 2.0 and Service-oriented architecture - the future (perhaps?)

Conference call! - presenting research in London

The Invisible Hand? – mashups or intelligent agents?

Further feedback to the invisible hand - some comments!

Between rocks and hard places - invisible hand versus data security

The Public Office - a new Whitehall novelty

Rock on Canada - reading Canadian e-government

So, what’s the vision? – employing experience

Measuring what matters! – Australia adopts the Canadian CMT

The ‘invisible hand’ writes on… - more thoughts on XML and its uses

October 2008

Social inclusion and digital exclusion - a European report on English e-government

Promises, pledges and satisfaction - debating some more options

A history lesson! – looking back to a forecast from 2000…

The Bandwagon Effect - consumerism’s effect on service delivery!

Some questions about anchoring expectations - how do we measure the gap?

I before E – systems thinking and digital inclusion

Who is doing what in local government - is the network joined up?

Another model, but flawed – the Chester model

What do we do about sharing data? – the Conservative manifesto…

November 2008

Scotland seeks satisfaction - citizen satisfaction, the Scot’s approach

London calling! Revisiting NI14 - a report from Tower 08.5

Getting to Gemba - resorting to systems thinking

Getting egged on! - Report from the EiP conference

Satisfaction counts! – a newly discovered software supplier (and in the UK).

California dreaming - an interesting paper from the USA

Viewing the market - a brief look at system suppliers

Sayonara satisfaction - a link to another blog’s visit to an amazing Japanese company

Going critical! – Heidegger meets the IDeA

Being insightful - a very brief review of the ‘insight’ report

December 2008

Citizen Engagement Exchange - a revision of the model

NI14 back in the news? – some recent research

Citizen or consumer – command & control? - David Marquand revisited

NI 14 Paying the piper - more stuff on NI14!

Activity based recharging - are we economic with the economics?

Gartner – right again! More on metrics and engagement.

News from the USA - the Federal Web Managers’ white paper

NI14 – update to the guidance - 2 page update from the CabO

Wise words from Oz - A new Australian e-government report

Why bother? - a look back at the research

January 2009

How NOT to use feedback! Why the Minister is wrong.

East or west, no-one answers! A report from China

Having second thoughts! In support of Goodhart’s Law

Honesty is the best policy! Statistics in the news

Au Revoir NPM - A paper by Michael Duggett

Co-production - a report from Compass

Co-production – part 2 - an article in the latest Public Money & Management

Behind the Vanguard - a new essay from Prof. John Seddon

What have I just been saying? a recent academic paper from Surrey

Accentuate the positive! the latest Accenture report

February 2009

Digital Britain - a new report from DCMS and BERR

The power of information - latest news from Steinberg, Vanguard, et al

A good moan - a new piece on mycustomer.com

S*d it! - a slave to the Internet

Happy birthday - an homage to Charles & Abraham

Get real Read! - Government IT gets it in the neck, again.

Oysters and pearls - creative dissatisfaction

World Wide Web Consortium - news from nowhere

A new job? – a vacancy at Whitehall

Making contact with NI14 - update on the research and an online debate

March 2009

I Googled ‘twitter’ and ‘e-government’ - and found enlightenment, well almost!

Why don’t you listen? Two newish publications.

Web 2, yoof and snouts in the trough - how not to do new media

Paper in the pipeline - new research paper on its way

A paradox we can’t work with? An interesting academic editorial

The many angles of multichannel service - looking at an option from MyCustomer.com

New thinking - reading Gerry McGovern’s latest newsletter

Triumph of the will - the model and some papers from ‘clicktools

Complaining culture - turning complaints into an artform

Get Carter - Ofcom versus Digital Britain

Andrea strikes again - EU blue sky thinking

Laddering Participation - forty years on

April 2009

Social s(t)igma - another idea on MyCustomer.com

What is e-government for? – Is is just a channel or are we wanting to engage?

Evidence base - latest Gerry McGovern blog

Get satisfaction - more on satisfaction and pledges

Good complaint handling - a ‘how to’ guide

Great Emancipator II - the second annual survey

publicexperience - had a bad one?

You can’t win! – MP slags off DVLA

A private sector experience - what we learnt on our holiday

Operational efficiency - what can we read into the Treasury report?

May 2009

What I’d expected - initial results from the survey

Need and satisfaction - news from Chorley

No place to be - the value of the Place survey?

How to complain - another personal experience

Off target - lots of moans about target regimes

Good Planning - what makes a good planning web site?

Guidance & metrics - still not a lot of deep thinking…

NI14 – the latest! IDeA keep us posted

Complaining again - advice about complaints

Citizen-consumers - digging in the library

June 2009

Expenses anyone? – a role for e-government

Researchers in the dark - Parity in the press

More on Parity - the report in the flesh

What shall we do? – a view from the week’s events

How many visitors? – discussing web site stats

Digital self-exclusion - a new Ofcom report by Mori

Getting overfocused on the tools - wasting money?

Don’t count on empowerment - a report from the CLG

Watmore’s wisdom - last words from the former CIO

The Final Report - from Carter

July 2009

Return to Canada - after a trip to ECEG2009

The Tory Take - considering things after an election

Web 2.0 and benchmarking - more from Gartner

Channel accounting - can we have a cost per channel?

Contrasting opinions - Who is right about Post Offices?

Listening to the front line - a new report from the Cabinet Office

Metrified - GovMetric go public

Getting Techie - listening to Tim Berners-Lee

World Class - yet another Cabinet Office report…

New blogger on the street! John Suffolk joins the crowd

August 2009

Consuming ourselves - another McKinsey report starts some thinking

Service quality and efficiency - MP’s ask questions, again…

Citizenomics - comparing costs and productivity

Interim survey results - NI14 rather wasted on us

Measuring the email mountain - Considering the President’s inbox

Developing e-government - advice from India

Foresight - a new report on the US

Optimization Techniques - how customers measure

Analysis Paralysis - IBM’s latest idea

Electronic government costs - in N.Ireland

September 2009

Effect of central on local - Is this what the CLG wants to hear?

Mistaken conclusions - Demos barking up a wrong tree?

Follow the leader - new report from the Sunningdale Institute

Channel Strategy - news and views from the Cabinet Office

In these hard times - looking at the Tory alternative

E-government dependencies - To Web 2.0 or not

Another survey - this one from the Oxford Internet Institute

US government web sites - a up-to-the-minute study

Why we need to involve the “local” end users - not just “other” cultures

October 2009

Engaged in the USA - some ways to approach citizens

Blogging about other bloggers’ blogs - some lessons from history

E-governancing - why Accenture agree with this blogger!

Will e-government be different? – back to the academic literature on e-government

Minister for e-government - Angela’s back!

Digital conclusion - Martha’s report

Beatcounters – beancounters getting it wrong?

User-centred approaches to e-Government - latest from the OECD

Public service? – it’s a culture thing!

November 2009

Disinfecting the swamp - thinking about “open gov”

Foressing the future - the Q3 report from Foresee

Analogues of service - Kevin Carey in GC Magazine

Citizen Issues - asking them what they think of service?

Reasons to be cheerful - G2010 in the news

Jobcentre + A qualitative analysis of the dole offices

E-Parliament - will it be virtually any better?

E-government back in the news! – Malmo in the news

Benchmarking the mire - Dissing Capgemini

Happiness – is it the same as satisfaction?

December 2009

Back to academy - Papers by Winner and Hirschman

Open strategy - leaking a leaked leak

Don’t get carried away - liberating the UK’s mapping data?

Frontline first - new website/report from the Cabinet Office

Governing IT - a report from the Institute for Government

Looking east - a report from Booz

E-democracy – e-government: e-democracy or e-deliberation

NDL - the sixth NDL-Metascybe integration and CRM report

Co-production again - a new report from NESTA

Measuring Social Media - looking at a few methods

January 2010

Gov 2.0 again - a Christmas message from Andrea di Maio

The case is adjourned – Philip Virgo’s blog

Social media analytics - Avinash Kaushik’s thoughts on them

Going native - what to do with social media natives?

A new start - picking on Deloitte!

Improving service - Socitm’s turn to be picked on!

Benchmarking the nations - what’s the point?

Zettabytes – how Americans consume information

Going continental - Pan-European E-services

The final edition? – Government ICT Strategy

February 2010

Social Media News - it’s there on the news stands

Satisfaction levels out - the latest Foresee report

Social media as a channel - a report from Right Now

Accountability – a report from Localis

The engagement ethic - a report from the Innovation Unit

Passive democracy - The Hansard Society considers social media

New Horizons - when is e-government achieved?

Transparency – web site transparency equates to trust in government?

Low usage of e-services - a tale from Korea

Smarter public services - IBM advertises in New Statesman!

March 2010

Crossroads – where we’re at with e-democracy

Digital participation - following on from Digital Britain

Poor relations - broadband coverage in USA not dissimilar to UK

Community work - a report from PwC and the IPPR

Democratic participation - An academic view of e-participation in the EU.

Varieties of Participation - a paper by Fung

What really matters - another Accenture report

Tailored technology - thoughts from CIO’s in the USA

Social mediating - another report from NESTA

Focus not thrills - Andrea di Maio and Martha Lane Fox

Cultural shift - Ipsos MORI and the new Total Place report

A week in politics - burying NI14 and resurrecting the E-government Unit?

April 2010

April fool - wondering who Sir Peter is working for now?

NI14 is dead, long live parsimony! – promoting the model

Staring across the pond - comparative US and UK views

Be my muse - pondering automated social media and Gov 2.0

The twittering parties - Hansard Society and Sitemorse publications

Web (ab)users - some thoughts on usability and accessibility

Lost in Spain - literally!

E-government and sex - first report about Ethicomp 2010

E-government and the volcano - could e-government have made life easier?

Keeping mum - social media and the election

E-government united - the UN report finally appears

May 2010

Efficiency savings - another doubter

What’s the use of benchmarks - Pew Internet survey

What’s the use of satisfaction – Foresee compared with Pew

E-election mania - what next ID cards for voting?

Semantic, semantics – Pew report on the semantic web

Multi-channel engagement - a Belgian academic revelation

Multi-channel engagement – Part 2 – Some studies from the Netherlands

Multi-channel engagement – Part 3 – Recent research from Sweden

Good government – Local, central and open

Europe calling! - A Digital Agenda for Europe

To the e-barricades! – EDEM10 conference opinions

Voice of the Customer - measuring Gov 2.0 buzz

Who leads Gov 2.0 - A question from David Osimo

June 2010

Horses for courses – Andrea’s visit to the World Congress

Adios CAA – Good riddance to poor measures

The paradigm trap – research from Malaysia

Researching digital government – an aid to researchers

UN-decided – the 2012 UN e-government survey

Opening the vaults – the coalition’s approach to open data

Scots wae hae – Scotland launches citizen satisfaction measuring

Not bovvered - A personal experience of poor customer service…

Island of dreams - the latest from Singapore

Building the better web site – a presentation on GovLoop

Holiday reading - a raft of publications from the 2020 Public Services Trust

The cutting floor - slashing government websites

July 2010

Insight in place - LGDC on Total Place and customer insight

Local 2 – another report on social media in local government

Where’s Watmore? – Ian’s back!

Gartner Open Government model - some open data thoughts

Social viability – an interesting report from Intel

Governing Electronically - a new book by Paul Henman

The technicist manifesto - a response to MLF

The opening of Australia - Open data in Australia

Gov 2.0 in Germany - Another Schellong paper

Out of focus – a review of focus groups

The maturing Internet – users are getting older!

Portuguese e-government - what’s happening there

August 2010

United by e-government - the east learning from the west

Citizen engagement - who should hold the data?

A lesson in efficiency - Civica on outsourcing

E-egg on government face? – how not to crowdsource

Gov 2.0 strikes again – a new publication from KPMG

Open data foresight - where do we publish open data?

Visions of the ideal – e-democracy?

The UN and accessibility - an academic study of international accessibility

Council web costs – how FoI requests rate the web channel!

Digitising the Job Centre Plus – a useful report from the UK DWP

Rude behaviour - organizational culture matters!

September 2010

e-participation – scorecard and wiki

ID Cards - should we or shouldn’t we?

Measuring social media - some more ideas!

Timetables – open transport data

A facelift for the pig – post-bureaucratic hogwash?

The dilemma of social media - two new reports about it

Community development - a new report from the CDF

Getting satisfaction – a new report from China

No contact - No more Contact Council

Social skeptics – social capital or not?

If you build it… - Social media as a research tool

October 2010

Bubbling under - e-partipation questions

Marathon not a sprint – a blog about Singapore

KISS – keeping service measurement simple

E-trust - not in South Korea

Freedom of misinformation – open data publication

Canada waits - the latest from there

Local e-government – in Belgium, this time

E-couch potatoes - virtually democratic

Same old story – the CSR010 effect

As green as we appear - the Philip Green review

OASIS – the open source community web site

November 2010

It’s all over down under - NZ gets a government ICT strategy

We are the CHAMPS - CHAMPS2 business change methodology

E-exclusion – exclusion it is, for the moment!

Service energising - The Political Innovation weblog

Political Innovation - a link to a post on that weblog

Getting Customer Focused – it’s happening in Dubai

Another lesson from Canada - Biz teaches BIS the buis!

The crowd in the cloud - Andrea hits a nail on the head

Let’s start a petition - e-petitions and DirectGov

Internet poverty - the latest UK statitics

Fix the web - positively improving accessibility

December 2010

Channelled thinking – to Surrey & other homes of good practice

CitizenSpace – a tool from DeLib

A change man - Prof. Jim Norton

Blogging for academia; writing for citizens

Government data done well - TBL’s five star model

An inaccessible world? – Web site accessibility still poor

This document has been archived - where are the standards?

The government IT strategy awaits… – looks like a long one!

We-government - Two differing strategies, plus a missing one!

The learning government? – A fresh breath of air from Air Canada

Learning government - Philip Virgo blog on Universal Credit

Avoiding past mistakes - a response to the PASC

January 2011

Happy New Year - Andrea’s top 10 of 2010

2010 in Review - WordPress’s analysis of the Great E-mancipator

Why benchmark? – The EC 2010 review

Semantic web - a new chapter in the story

Engagement advice - from California

Brave old world - Evgeny Morozov’s new book

Competition – a new blog at DMU

Citizen perspectives on engagement - are we doing it right?

Social media and councils – the point is? – doing it with good intentions?

On common ground – open applications development

The delusion of e-democracy - no change to democracy

E-government costs - reports from the USA

February 2011

Lies, damned lies – employing statistics

Social Media – Good & bad - the empowered era

Social Mediation – long live libraries

Digital agenda - Mario asks for one

E-forms – Webcredible’s guide to

Online political campaigning – engaging with citizens

Government communications - a presentation

Web 3.0 – horizon scanning

Better late than never – NAO report

Cloudsourcing – why G-cloud is right

Crowdsourcing US-style - a new app on the block

How not to encourage e-government – an example

Using the data – a new site to help

March 2011

Better served - A Socitm report and reality

The scores are published – so? The latest EU e-gov report

Facebook - is it for government

Improved thinking - A new IfG report

Routemap to 2015 - The local services ICT routemap consultation

How green is my cloud? – G-cloud and green ICT

Presenting the evidence - PASC video

Email’s the best - better than social media

Citizensourcing – a tale of New York

Public consultation – a paper on it

More evidence to PASC - Socitm’s turn

Parallel world – another researcher

April 2011

What? more PASC – Ian Watmore’s turn

Government ICT Strategy – a short review

Click on - BBC Radio 4 guide to crowdsourcing

Digital Deca – Ten tips on the web

Transforming government - a new report from OASIS

e-government & e-commerce - an academic view

Anniversary – blogging birthday

Healthy cloud – medicine and the cloud

Real codesign – Charles Leadbeater article

Public engagement – two reports about it

Dirty old cloud? - Greenpeace on the warpath!

May 2011

Leaner & Greener – a report on ‘lean’

Behaviour change - a NLGN report

Alternative vote – on websites

The social medium - a view from GovLoop

History lesson – two stories from the past

Channel manoeuvres – two new reports

Unpicking history - Adult care

Circles within circles – an IBM report links to an acquaintance

Opening government - a few more publications on the topic

EU targets – back on them again…

June 2011

Website costs - old story, new twist?

How to – howto.gov

Semantic Community - a sandbox for openness

Cyberutopianism – Morozov and Curtis considered

Uncivil service - HMRC performing poorly

Uncivil service – Part 2 – ongoing saga

Internet discussions - does e-participation work

Really open government - Iceland should be in the news

Open government, really? – Beth Noveck in Canada

Customer Service Guidance – lots of it

Less e-paper - latest from Singapore

July 2011

Annual surveys – a ClickTools report

Same Old Mistakes – WEF report

Getting on – a report on older users

Social Impact Analysis - another academic school

Communications & Trust - lessons from the North West Frontier

Measure the Outcomes – PASC report

Enter the gamma – alpha.gov.uk’s accessibility

Misplaced trust - a paper on the topic

Older & offline – the Fujitsu report

Web age - looking academically

PASC reporting – conclusions of the PASC

August 2011

Critically acclaimed – CBI report

Public value? – A paper from New York

Open, and better data - is open data all its made out to be?

Open data or what? – another critique

Government productivity - a study from the LSE

Complaints Management Best Practice – research from CDC

Model Network – the PSN?

Social Media Mining – how it can be wrong

How much more involvement? - A ResPublica report

September 2011

Green cloud - another view on cloud’s greenness

The list grows – list of companies with satisfaction measurement apps

It works both ways – bi-directional open data

Understanding social media – a blog post & a paper

Public Information Management - what is e-government?

Modern days – need modern ethics

Faceache – Do social media create revolutions?

About face - Analysing social media

Social media guidelines - plenty out there

October 2011

E-government study 1 - the first of a series of reviews

E-government study 2 - One from Wales

E-government study 3 – one from Germany

Open source cloud - is it or isn’t it?

Open and shut cloud - some differing opinions

Is government a platform - a Tim O’Reilly paper considered

Digital exclusion by default -a DWP research paper

Social Service - an LGiU paper

Cool crowdsourcing - innovation in the US

November 2011

California dreamed - egovernment below state level

Top ten priorities - Another from the US

E-rules - is e-rulemaking out of fashion?

Tell us how - the Cabinet Office crowdsources

Safegov – a new website about cloud

Data matching - addresses and names

Irish Times - more Irish lessons

Pan-European Egovernment - 6th Ministerial Conference

Neighbourhood Networks - a report on them in the UK

Goss Social Media Survey - what it says

December 2011

Government Web 2.0 in Canada - and elsewhere

Parlour Games - Mike Bracken speaks

Government Data Service Launch – Mike Bracken speaks again

E-directive - as opposed to an EU one

Democratic accountability - a paper on the topic

Directgov – the NAO report on the site

Evil crowdsourcing - the subliminal side

Six months on - NAO report on the UK Government IT Strategy

Broadband and the economy - A US report

January 2012

A Digital Agenda - the EU 6 month review

Austere academia - an LSE report

Keep taking the tablets - a usability report

Digital participation in Scotland – a report and its summary

Not rocket science - bad practice in BC

Keep it stupid, simple - Another PAC report

Participating in a democracy - a recent debate

Rescuing policy - Dan Lenihan’s book

Up down under - comparitive reviews

Ninging up York - a community consultation

February 2012

Open Data Manual - the manual and more

New Democracy - Greece, old & new

Evaluating Citizen Participation - a new IBM publication

Acronym Wars - fun in the EU

Unsubscribe – trying to dump spam

The ‘Green’ Emancipator - on video

Linked Open Data - some more sources

Open Sores - on Open Source

E-government tightrope - News from NZ

The Inbox - measuring email

Cloudy Days - who’s not playing?

CONsultation – Tell Us How & GeniUS

March 2012

Complexity – Government has too much

Open warfare - more opinion on open

Open by design - …and yet more

United we fall - the 2012 UN report

Data Dividend - the Demos report

Scotland the Brave – the McClelland Report

Good Practice? - A DWP report/website

Molten Cloud - A health warning

Yes, minister - the budget

Facing our Future - the New jersey view

April 2012

Accountancy Age - how it doesn’t add up

Open the data Maude - the revolution will not be about open

A cloudy outlook - why we need to plan

Top Management Team - new Socitm report

Clicktivism – does social media do it?

Comment on this post - who does what?

Channel choice - Canadian services

Civic engagement - Comparing two papers from the USA

Democratic Demands - more to social media

What is ‘open government’? Andrea di Maio and the OGP

Implementing transparency - open government and the NAO

May 2012

Irish ways - the latest Irish e-government strategy

A digital nation – Canadian report on web usage

Good progress - G-cloud is making

The design method - a good blog

The election result will not be Tweeted (in advance) – a review of the research

Social media and revolutions - a Libyan view

Inclusive online community engagement - a new US report

GovSM – a wiki on social media

Six stage digital engagement - the easy view

Digital urban spaces - an RSA view

IBM take on BYOD - will it be cheaper?

Lost in Poland - e-government there

The failure of IT reform - it takes more than technology

Hearing loop? – New NAO report

Digital entitlement - what is the digital divide?

Open record ethics - managing the cost

Gold plating - a report from Consumer Focus

Is data.gov.uk transparent? – a second opinion

Can channel shift be forecast? – someone seems to think so…

July 2012

Five star rating – the new open data white paper

Social media mischief - messing in Mexico

Youth and social media - a new report from the US

What’s the big idea? - Policy Exchange on big data

Communicate – learning from Leahy

Counting the cost - Realities of channel shift

Storm cloud - weather resilience and the cloud

Social voting - via Facebook?

Streaming the meme - what next for socia media

Less skeptical on social media – a good guide

Voter ID - how to stop people voting

August 2012

Social media and customers - another view

Transparent e-gov – a UK PAC report

Opening the data - an open data critique

Daring to be truthful – a report on new media

Customer avoidance - HSBC setting an example

Performance standards - A paper by Colin Talbot

Social local - a study of loval government social media

Generation Y e-government - Australia looks to video

Open data is a means - Ovum report

Listen to customers not big data - just do it!

September 2012

Policing – systems thinking style

Hyperlocal encouragement - Six tips for hyperlocals and others

Local Government Data Service - Chatter on the Internet

Social Media Fantasy - A Finnish report

Central resource - Audit Scotland criticise

Open but closed - open government in the Emirates

Shared practice - shared services?

Universal Chaos - in the Houses of Parliament

Key areas of attention remain - in US .gov sites

Simple things? – maybe not so simple

October 2012

Digital by diktat – questioning digital by default

The vital need of criticism - constraining ideology

Ideas cannot digest reality - Seeing like a State

Lies, damned lies – a cheap alternative to open data

E-government disaster - emergency web site

Digital by diktat 2 - a pop at the private sector

How hard can it be? – nPower’s sluggish website

The g-cloud of unknowing - a paper being published

Pakistan – watch this space - social media in Pakistan

Irish eyes on the USA - looking at their e-government

Quoting the obvious - can Google teach us anything?

Big problem - technology is not the answer

November 2012

Ecosystem - misuse of the word

Social media in a disaster - some practical guidance

e-voting - the current debate

Anti-social media - a little infographic

My identity - the DWP and identity

Local government digital service - a riposte

December 2012

Like a Virgin - a moan!

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